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What are the health benefits of CoQ10?

This is a brief summary of the possible uses of CoQ10 based on scientific studies:

• Aging & Life Extension

a) Retards the aging process, functions as an antioxidant & has life extension potential.

• Cardiovascular System

a) Stabilizes heart beat in arrhythmic patients, prevents atherosclerosis, prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
b) Normalizes blood pressure in hypertensives, vastly improves the condition of persons with cardiomyopathy & assists the heart to function normally in the presence of blood clots.
c) Improves the heart’s ability to survive & produce energy in hypoxic (low oxygen)
situations: high altitudes, clogged arteries, blood clots, high fat blood level, angina.
d) Reduces the viscosity of blood in persons with ischaemic heart disease.
e) CoQ10 defi ciency is observed in cardiovascular patients.
f) 91% of heart attack victims improve within 30 days from initial attack with CoQ10!
*Cells: CoQ10 is found in almost every cell of the body.

*Digestive System

a) Alleviates peptic ulcer, protects the lining of the stomach & facilitates the
Elimination of Candida albicans.
b) Concentrates in the pancreas.
*Excretory System: CoQ10 concentrates in the kidneys.

* Immune System

a) Increases the life expectancy of patients with cancer of the breast, lung, larynx,
pancreas & prostate.
b) Doubles the body’s immune function & protective levels of antibodies.
c) Increases the body’s resistance to viruses, alleviates allergies & asthma.
d) HIV positive persons with low CoQ10 levels progress more rapidly to full blown
AIDS than those with optimal CoQ10 levels.


a) Improves athletic performance by increasing the body’s production of energy via Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), involved in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy both in sedentary & athletic persons.
b) Part of the electron transport system, increases stamina & alleviates the impaired
aerobic function that is associated with fatigue.
c) Increases oxygen supply to the mitochondria & prevents the accumulation
of excess ketones (ketosis).
d) Prevents the LDL peroxidation by free radicals & alleviates obesity by reducing
weight where a defi ciency of CoQ10 exists. Obese persons are often deficient in CoQ10.
e) Alleviates diabetes mellitus. Many of the complications of diabetes are exacerbated
in CoQ10 defi ciency.
f) Concentrates in the liver.

*Musculoskeletal System

a) Dramatically halts the progression of periodontal disease (e.g. gingivitis) and
can totally heal the damage already done including the regrowth of previously
atrophied tissue.
b) Counteracts the immune system tissue degradation that occurs in gingivitis.
c) Concentrates in & is involved in the movement of muscles. Supplementary
CoQ10 can reduce the extent of damage caused to the muscles by intensive exercise
& athletic performance.
d) Alleviates muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy patients are usually defi cient in

*Nervous System

a) Helps prevent nerve damage that leads to Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s.
b) Alleviates multiple sclerosis & schizophrenia.
*CoQ10 Enhances the Function of these Substances
a) Hormones: CoQ10 facilitates insulin production by the pancreas.
b) Immune System Chemicals: CoQ10 signifi cantly increases the body’s
production of IgG antibodies.
c) Kreb Cycle Chemicals: CoQ10 facilitates mitochondrial ATP production.
d) Drugs: Improves the effectiveness of beta blockers, reduces the toxic side
effects of Doxorubicin & increases the potency of Doxorubicin in its ability to kill
cancer cells by 200%.
e) Vitamins: Helps to regenerate Vitamin E.

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