Free Radicals & Antioxidants

Co-enzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant

Co-enzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant, much like vitamins C and E, helping to neutralize the cell-damaging molecules known as free radicals.

Co-enzyme Q10 is said to helps to achieve optimal function in almost all cell types and acts as a scavenger of all free radicals existing in our body. Free radicals are substances in our body system, which have no nutritional value and cannot be absorbed by the body cells because they cannot be broken down by the process of metabolism.

These free radicals attach themselves to the body cells and eventually become cancer growths or tumor. Antioxidants like Co-enzyme Q10 are the active substances that can act in their elimination from our body.

Some situations where Co-enzyme Q10 appears to be an efficient treatment are the following:

a) Tinnitus Due to Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is a non-malignant tumor which means the cancer growth does not spread out through the body but tends to press against the existing structures in the auditory system. This tumor causes imbalances in the inner ear and produces tinnitus sounds. Co-enzyme Q10 will actively dissipate this tumor and will provide tinnitus remedy in the process.

b) Tinnitus Caused by Atherosclerosis

Other causes of tinnitus are attributable to atherosclerosis or the plaque build-up in the arteries in relation to aging. Co-enzyme Q10 has been found efficient in arresting or slowing down the tissue degeneration related to aging. Elderly people suffering from tinnitus have found that Co-enzyme Q10 is also a tinnitus remedy.

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