Co Enzyme Q10

Co-Enzyme Q10 for the Heart

Naturally fermented CoQ10 is bio-identical to the body’s own internally produced CoQ10 and is readily absorbed into the body.

Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an essential nutrient with a wide range of applications for human health. It is present in every cell of the body and is absolutely necessary to support key metabolic functions. This nutrient acts as a Co-enzyme in the energy producing pathways that fuel the bodies daily activity.

CoQ10 has generated much excitement as a possible therapy for heart disease, especially congestive heart failure or a weakened heart. In some studies, patients with a poorly functioning heart have been found to improve greatly after adding the supplement to their conventional drugs and therapies. Other studies have shown that people with cardiovascular disease have low levels of this substance in their heart.  Co-enzyme Q10 is now widely used by many medical institutions worldwide as an important nutritional supplement for heart disease patients.

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