About Us

The PremiumQ10 by Paul O’Neill brand Co-enzyme Q10 is owned by Advance Health Products (Aust) Pty Ltd., Gisborne, Victoria, Australia.  Advance Health Products are specialists in the production and marketing of naturally fermented CoQ10.  Our CoQ10 is delivered in a base of Magnesium and Calcium Phosphate. This enables the CoQ10 to remain dry and preserves the vitally important electrical charge of the CoQ10 prior to ingestion.

Advance Health Products is a specialist CoQ10 manufacturer and supplier that is focused on providing health and fitness information that is based on personal experiences with the use of PremiumQ10.

Disclaimer:  Nothing on this website is to be interpreted as medical advice. All articles are presented for information only and you should seek your own medical advice from your Medical Specialist if you have any concerns about our products.

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